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Beyond Creative

Beyond Creative, an Israeli production company, believes in the promise of mass-media communication to promote good causes and trigger effective social change.


Hadarim - Urban Renewal Project

The HADARIM Fund is an Israeli partnership that invests in the urban generation of Haifa’s old city, a neighborhood that currently suffers from neglect, poor infrastructure and low-quality housing options, in order to reinstate it as a thriving and dynamic urban center.



Toya is an Israeli company creating a brand of digital games designed to inspire and motivate young girls to realize their full potential. Toya’s multi-layer games are built on a Minecraft and Roblox platforms that enables girls to become the heroes while revealing the life stories of exceptional women.


Impact Investment Group

Impact Investment Group is a leading Australian impact investment funds manager that believes transforming crucial economic systems is the most direct path to meaningful environmental and social impact. Lital Slavin is a board member.



Adama Capital provides funding to projects across the energy efficiency, renewable generation, waste and water sectors. Focusing on the gap between venture capital and project finance, Adama provides capital to projects based on technologies that have been proven but have not yet achieved widespread adoption or commoditization, rendering them not entirely “bankable”.

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