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Lital has focused the majority of her career on wealth management and working with families and organizations to align their values and wealth. Lital is a General Partner in two Israeli impact funds: Adama Capital,

a PE fund which provides funding to energy efficiency projects, and Hadarim Fund, an urban renewal with multi-sector collaboration. She is also the Co-Founder of a media and production company, Beyond Creative, whose vision is to create content for a better world. Lital is an active board member for several companies and organizations, including: Chamber of Commerce Israel-Australia, IIG - a leading Australian impact investment fund manager, Toniic, among others. 
She is a Fellow of the sixth class of the Middle East Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Lital earned her EMBA at the Kellogg School of Management and her BA in Business Administration from IDC Herzliya. 


Lital was born and raised in Israel and is the mother to three

young children.


Managing Partner and Co-Founder


Since 2008, Orit has been dedicated to working with families on all aspects related to their wealth. Prior to joining Beyond, Orit managed the financial assets of Mannheim LLC, a Single-Family Office in New York City, and still serves on the family’s Advisory Board. Prior to that, she was a part of the management team and board of her family’s business, an Israeli healthcare provider. Orit is a director and advisor to family offices and commercial companies in Israel and abroad. 


Orit earned her MBA at NYU Stern and her BA in Economics and Business Administration at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 


Orit was born and raised in Israel and is the mother of two young children.





Tal's diverse background includes both finance and business development. Most recently Tal was the Head of Alternative Investments in Halman Aldubi, one of Israel's leading pension and provident funds, managing all non-liquid assets including real estate, private equity and direct credit. Tal's investment related background includes investments analysis as equity analyst at IBI and Psagot and CIO of mutual fund management firm Excellence.


In addition to investment background Tal headed international business development efforts in an engineering companies specializing in renewable energy and water and waste water treatment such as Ludan Environmental Technologies and GES.


Tal has started her career in NY where she worked for a financial strategic consulting firm, after graduating from NYU with a BS in Business Administration, majoring in International Finance and Accounting. She later gained an EMBA from Kellogg School of Management.


Head of Client Relationship


Prior to joining the Beyond team, Sivan worked at the Israel Land Authority offices. Having been educated at the Faculty of Agriculture, Sivan strongly believes in the importance of protecting and rehabilitating the environment. She brings this ethos to Beyond, fortifying the team’s dual passion for impact and finance.


Sivan holds an academic degree (B.SC.Agr) in Agricultural Economics and Management from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



Client Relationship

Dana has always been passionate about social impact, sustainability and believes that our actions of doing good can make a change.


For those reasons, Dana chose to work and volunteer in education and agriculture, first as a tour guide, later as a volunteers' group leader, and in between worked in various non profit organizations, impacting our environment and community.


Dana holds BA in Economics and Political Science from Ben Gurion University of the Negev, majoring in climate change.


Dana was born in Jerusalem, practices yoga and loves hiking.


Office Manager


Prior to joining Beyond, Amit served as an operations manager for a multi brand fashion importer.

Amit holds a BA in Far-East studies from Tel Aviv University. Born and raised in a Kibutz by the sea of Galilee, Amit has a strong connection to sustainability issues and the importance of impact investment that are at the core of our firm’s investment strategy.

Amit lives in Tel Aviv and raises three young children.



Danny and Berry of Small Giants are the co-founders of Beyond.

Small Giants was founded in 2007 by Danny Almagor and Berry Liberman to create, support, nurture and empower businesses and entrepreneurs that are shifting us to a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable world. Our mission is to lead our community towards Empathy and a Next Economy. 


Danny is the founder and CEO of Small Giants‭, ‬which he started with Berry‭, ‬who also happens to be the mother of his three children‭, ‬and the creative director of Small Giants‭. ‬Prior to Small Giants‭, ‬Danny was the founding CEO of Engineers Without Borders and the CEO of Medivax‭. ‬He has done some other cool stuff including being part of the team that broke the record for racing a solar car across Australia from Darwin to Adelaide‭. ‬He loves reading nonfiction and jumping on the trampoline with his kids‭. 


Berry is the co-founder and Creative Director of Small Giants‭, ‬the Publisher of Dumbo Feather‮ ‬and a mum to the three cutest kids‭ ‬in the world‭. ‬Berry loves the garden at work‭. ‬Especially the roses‭. ‬A few years back‭, ‬Berry used to write screenplays in LA and‭ ‬directed a few short films but decided to come home‭,‬‮ ‬get married to Danny‭ (‬CEO extraordinaire of Small Giants‭) ‬and start Small‭ ‬Giants‭. ‬Very good decision‭.

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