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When Beyond was established in 2014, we put forth a clear mission: to strategically shift capital from traditional to value-aligned investments, allowing our clients to make an impact in the areas close to their hearts without sacrificing on return. Today, we advise families from all across the globe, and have earned a far-reaching reputation as an innovative and thoughtful leader in the space.


We operate on the premise that one’s personal wealth and value system are inextricably linked. That our resources, like the friends we keep and the children we raise, are an expression of who we are. When we align the two, we create the unique opportunity for a double bottom line: competitive returns and measurable social and/or environmental impact, all in one.  


Our work is comprised of three central pillars:


We do not see our clients’ investments as mere numbers on a chart, the same way we don’t see wealth as being strictly financial.  We take care of the families under our advisement in the same manner we would our own: holistically.


We listen to every family member, in every generation, as they express their goals, values and expectations for impact. Our resulting wealth strategy is a product of both financial & human insight and is built to grow and change along with the family it represents.



The comprehensive scope of our work means that we occasionally confront gaps in the market for which there is no attractive investment solution. If our team or one of our clients determines that this gap is critical, either for a client’s portfolio or the betterment of our world, we create an investable solution in house, or join others in doing so.


The companies and funds in our current investment portfolio are focused on achieving positive impact in the areas that matter most to our clients, such as urban regeneration, resource renewal, affordable housing, women’s empowerment and more. You can find more details about our portfolio of companies and funds here.



Our advisory and investment arms are supported by a third, not-for-profit pillar dedicated entirely to education and community building. 


It is here that we seek to engage like-minded people to discuss and define what it means to live an impactful life.  We work to create safe and inspiring spaces where individuals of all backgrounds are empowered to explore the world of impact investment.


We have built a series of initiatives that support this general effort, and we invite you to take a deeper look here.

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